Wahyu Group


Wahyu Group was established in 2019 by starting its business activities in the field of coal mining trade with the form of its business fields concentrating more on trading from the results of the potential of natural resources from coal mining in the Kalimantan region.


At present with Personal in Top Management has high integrity both in terms of experience and in every mapping of the company's business development plan, this is indicated since the company conducts its business to concentrate in the field of coal trading, from all fronts, both from aspects of market development, building network with buyers / users and with coal mining companies.


We run different commercial business activities, with the motto, let's take advantage of this natural wealth as well as possible, for the welfare of all of us, by combining commercial aspects and social aspects of every benefit obtained, for the continuity of business and company in long- term.

We Will Continue To Grow


Wahyu Group will position itself as one of the leading trading companies by continuing to build alliances of cooperation with buyers and users and coal mining companies with foreign and domestic parties.


Wahyu Group continues to participate in financial terms with related parties, and expects to be able to partner with companies engaged in finance, such as; Banking, Securitas, and Investment Companies and Affiliations.


Wahyu Group instills a strong management foundation, by adhering to an (open management) system for all executive management executives, so that they have mutual commitment and trust for business development in the short, medium and long term.